The Dynamic Duo – a reunion?

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What would you say has been the most explosive partnership of all time.  Batman and Robin? Thelma and Louise? Ant and Dec? 
My vote would go to two amazing Mistresses who just sparked off each other in scene after scene. The imperious Mistress Vixen, blonde (usually!!) beautiful and sadistic as hell. Where Vixen kept her name once she moved in to Femdom, her partner in unspeakable crimes did not. 
Mistress Nikki was and still is a lithe brunette, legs to die for, her beautiful face so expressive. Mistress embraced reinvention. Nikki became Anuska which in turn became The Sadistic Princess. I am not sure where that last name came from but it summed Mistress up perfectly. Previously a successful dancer, those high kicks were transported from a public performance to her very own stage. Nikki developed a penchant for ballbusting like probably no other Mistress before or since. That activity often featured in the Dynamic Duo’s performances!
The quarry scene featured these two unforgettable Dommes along with Mistress Hannah. For me, it is the most iconic Femdom shoot ever. There were so many other classics as well featuring the incomparable partnership of Mistresses Vixen and Nikki. A quick search of the clips4sale section will give you an enticing view of them. You really must sample those delights! 
Whilst Mistress Nikki sessioned in her home town of Huddersfield and conquered Manchester with the force  of her stunning looks and overpowering personality, Mistress Vixen could be found in and around the Derby area. 
However, the prospect of these two world class Dommes reforming as a Duo whets the appetite just as much as Noel and Liam getting together again! The absolute chemistry between them takes their collaboration to another level! 
I almost can’t believe it, but were it to happen it would be the most amazing event of the decade! I for one would want to purchase premium front row seats. If it wasn’t for lockdown, demand would rival that of Glastonbury tickets! 
Both Beauties have been incredibly successful and have kept themselves in pristine condition. Both can still turn an inferior male to jelly with a look, a flick of the whip or a kick in the balls. 
In the words of Morrissey, “Please please please let me get what I want.” This will be a reunion to savour and an event that I bet Don King would love to promote. 
Please make it happen!!