MV Academy

Learn the art of Female Supremacy

For Your Life of Luxury

“Once upon a time there were three girls who went to the academy and they were each assigned very hazardous duties”.
Are those  lines familiar? Perhaps you remember them from the 2019 sequel … or maybe the film from the year 2000? Some of your fans may even remember the original iconic series from the (gasp) 1970’s!
Yes it’s Charlie’s Angels and if you fantasised about being sweet Cameron Diaz, feisty Drew Barrymore or brutal Lucy Liu then you will know that each of those girls had an edge and had no compunction about beating up males of every shape and size to ensure that justice was served! 
Well this is an even better opportunity. This is real life and you could be a part of Mistress Vixen’s Academy and be one of Vixen’s Angels. 
So the sky really is the limit in terms of the fun and camaraderie you will have as one of Vixen’s Angels. 
Ideally you will have inner confidence (Vixen will maximise this and you soon will be a kickass Lucy Liu believe me!) 
You should be up for anything and have a reliable collaborative attitude when it comes to the sisterhood! 
You should be prepared to travel and you will need to be prepared to show your face on camera. Previous modelling experience will be of benefit, but is not a prerequisite. New girls with the right outlook will be welcomed. There could well be exciting opportunities to travel in the future but most initial filming will be in the Midlands so within easy reach of anyone in the UK. 
The financial rewards will be significant for the right girls. Age is no barrier. Maybe if you have dipped your toe into providing content and want to take this further under expert tuition, this could be for you.