Licensed To Kill

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Vixen was a new breed of secret agent. The tired old male sexist approach had been consigned to history. The male “Double 0’s” had been replaced by the female “Double D’s”. Vixen was the supreme agent. Top of her profession. Think Jodie Comer as Villanelle and multiply that sadistic power and beauty by a thousand. That gives you an idea of the level that Vixen had attained. 
There were a few OO’s remaining and Vixen had tracked one of the last ones down. Easy enough. She had posted a pic online of her in a leather outfit and the OO had fallen into her honeytrap. 
“Let’s meet in a public place” he had said. 
“How about the Royal Oak in the City Centre?” Vixen had suggested. “See you at 8.30”.
Vixen was in her office and looked through his list of misdemeanours. He was a bully, a sexist, a manipulator of the highest order. She also had proof that he was a traitor. Her orders were to eliminate him in whatever way she chose. 
Miss Moneypenny had long since retired. Vixen now had two male secretaries. “Finlay,” she shouted at one of them, a harassed Scotsman who knew his place. “I need a drink. Fetch me a Martini”. Finlay scuttled off.
Vixen then turned her attention to the other male “Dominic” she hissed at a younger, well educated man. “I need a foot rub, now” Dominic dutifully complied. 
Finlay brought Vixen her drink. She sipped it then spat it out in his face “Finn, I said shaken, not stirred you imbecile”. As she did that, Dominic jumped and scratched her beautiful toes. “You absolute cretin, Dom” Vixen bellowed. The two had been demoted for sexist crimes and Vixen enjoyed exacting her revenge. 
Vixen had been so amused that the shortened format of their names were Finn and Dom. Poetic justice she thought. FinDom is what their “punishment” was. 
She grabbed Finn by the balls. “Give me your wallet you slimeball” It was duly handed over meekly. 
Dom was still on the floor and was pinned there under Mistress’s perfect feet. “Suck those toes as if your life depended on it” she demanded. The toes, then the full foot were forced into the subs mouth and he gagged!
Vixen glanced at her watch. It was time to get ready for her 8.30 assignment. After pocketing the contents of Dom’s wallet which disappointingly only contained about £500, she strode off…..
Just before 8.30 Vixen had been transformed. She stood outside  the Royal Oak in tight black leather and latex. Her black gloves held her standard issue pistol, a Walther PPK. 
On the dot of 8.30, Vixen burst through the door. The 00 never stood a chance. He reached for his weapon but it was knocked out of his hands as Vixen effected one of her famous well practised high kicks. 
“Everybody out” shouted Vixen. “I am Special Agent DD38. Licensed to kill”. The hostelry emptied as quickly as the blood drained from the 00’s face. 
Vixen pinned the ex agent down on the floor. He found himself cowering by a bar stool. Vixen adjusted the stool so that the legs were immediately above his shrivelling genitals. She then placed her perfect shapely bottom on the stool and the weight caused the 00 to scream in pain. 
Vixen kicked out her perfect legs and her stiletto heels were a fraction of an inch from his throat. 
“The new Q, has designed these” she articulated. The new Q was now called “Suzie Q” and was an ex fashion designer. The heels were sharp enough to slit a throat in a split second. The latex and leather outfits for the DD agents could suffocate a victim in a flash. Yes Research and Development had transformed since the days of exploding pens! 
Vixen smiled at the recollection and the 00 took advantage. He managed to summon up the strength to unbalance the bar stool and Vixen toppled. However his freedom would not last long. Vixen pinned him down and put that perfect latex clad bottom on his face …………..