Iconic Mistress – a fan’s appreciation

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Here’s a game you can all play. Find a quiet room, close  your eyes and picture your ideal Mistress. Take your time and dream every detail. Then open your eyes and commit it to paper. 
I did that and the outcome was a picture of the exact likeness of Mistress Vixen. That’s the thing about Her. For me and many, many others, Vixen is the living embodiment of how a Superior Female should look. 
That’s just one dimension of course. Now think about you would want your ideal Mistress to act and how She would treat you. For me, from the very first clip I saw of Vixen, She was that Mistress. 
Let’s turn back time (Cher wasn’t able to – but for these purposes, we can 😁). Mistress Vixen burst upon the scene in the Naughties. It was early in the 21st Century. The world was different. Femdom was largely underground. There were little or no mainstream representations of it – and FinDom and the like hadn’t really been born! 
There were certainly some classic Mistresses around and some sites like Cruella were ahead of their time in filming material. It was this scene that was simply set on fire by the emergence of a stunningly pretty, but simply sadistic Beauty – yes the amazing Mistress Vixen! 
If you look back on that early material, another thing sets this Stunner apart from the rest. Vixen had spent some time at the other side of the camera. What you might think was a waste of Her talent, actually created the knowledge of how to perform in those shoots. Quite often there were multiple Dommes involved in the films. Even when another Domme was “centre stage” speaking and inflicting punishment, I found myself concentrating on Vixen, Her pose, Her amazing expressions. The camera loved Her and so did Her fans. 
Vixen quickly inspired a multitude of devoted followers. Another dimension of Mistress which is still to the fore today, is that She is so approachable. I remember chat rooms where Her fans would congregate at the same time every week and where Vixen would grace us with her presence. Unlike some of the FinDommes today (and I am not being critical of them in the slightest as times have changed) but Mistress would engage in deep conversation, show a keen interest in various aspects of the lives of Her slaves. There was certainly no focus on buying Her clips or sending Her tributes. 
Instead, the deep devotion of Her followers shone through to me at that time. All were keen students of Femdom. Many were on a journey to be collared and owned and it was plain to me that Mistress Vixen was a key part of their existence. The emotions were authentic and looking back, it must have been a huge responsibility for Mistress, but She carried this off with enthusiasm and ease! 
Just one more reflection from those early times before I move to the present day.  I recall a poll on the now defunct (I think) Yahoo Groups! There was a list of classic Mistresses. Followers voted in a Head to Head. Mistress Vixen won far more of these polls than any of Her “rivals”. This was despite Vixen being new and the amazing back catalogue of others. That sums up the impact Mistress made. 
Now if we look at the present day.  Have a look at Mistress’s recent shoots. She looks absolutely flawless and amazing. Her body is toned, Her Beauty as astonishing as it was when She started out on Her Femdom adventure (some might say, even more so – however I would point out that it is difficult to improve upon perfection 😜). 
Mistress’s back catalogue is beyond compare. I plan to devote another feature to this but it ranges from films as an awesomely pretty girl next door, dressed down –  to a super cruel Beauty in full on Domme attire. All outfits show Her absolutely incredible figure to full effect. They range from relatively mild requests to worship Her boots or bottom to Mistress etching Her name on a Slave’s back with Her super sharp heels. Oh yes, sweet pretty Vixen could be the most sadistic Domme on the planet when She so desired! Vixen worked fabulously as a solo Mistress but also struck up enduring partnerships with top class Dommes such as Mistress Tia and Mistress Nikki/Anuska. 
So for Her fans new and old, and for those who have yet to come to appreciate Mistress. I would highly recommend that you investigate further.  There is so much support you can give probably the most iconic British Mistress there has been this century! Why not check out Her clips, purchase some material, follow Her on social media free and paid platforms and look out for exciting new opportunities to get involved coming soon. 
If you are brave enough, Mistress Vixen is offering face to face meets. Details will be on this site and on Mistress’s social media accounts. Mistress does cater for a comprehensive range of FemDom activities, again see the listings for what can be provided. I can guarantee that there will be something to your taste!