He Thought, She Thought

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Terry was a professional footballer. He was coming to the end of his career now but it had been so successful. Capped for his country more than 50 times, cup and league winners medals. Yeah it had been a blast. On top of it, he had always been a bit of a lad, a ladies man. Pretty girls threw themselves at him and who was he to say No? He and a few of his teammates had slipped out of their exclusive hotel in the Midlands where they were playing away the next day. Terry loved to “play away” in all senses of that phrase! He was up for having fun tonight.

They were smuggled in to the club by the back door. Terry and the boys needed to be discreet. They were seated in the VIP area curtained off, out of sight. Terry looked out and set eyes on a simply gorgeous blonde. Long hair, amazing figure shown to fantastic effect in a skimpy black leather top and dangerously tiny mini skirt. Oh and those black boots! They were to die for! 
Nobody ever said No to Terry. He instructed his minder to approach her and invite her in to VIP. 
He thought to himself “another easy lay here, Terry. Well done, my son”
The minder tapped the Beauty on the shoulder and requested her presence in VIP. 
She thought “Interesting! This might liven up my night!”
She entered the VIP area and Terry’s jaw dropped. He was well used to sleeping with fit wannabes but this was something else. He said “There’s a bottle of the most expensive champagne here. It’s for you”. 
He thought “Another chance to impress my mates. What a legend I am!” 
She thought “what an absolute wanker this guy is. Let’s have some sport!”
“What’s your name?” enquired Terry. “Vixen” came the reply. 
He thought “Great I have never screwed a Vixen before!”
She thought “you have obviously never met a lady Fox in the Box” and smiled sweetly. 
“Do you know who I am?” said Terry. “Do you follow football?”
“No, I hate all sport” said Vixen. 
He thought “What a result. I don’t need to worry about her going to the press.” Terry had tied all his fortune up in his investment in his own image rights, any bad press would be catastrophic. He just could not take any chances! 
She thought “Terry you are an imbecile. Your brains are in your feet and your pants. Of course I know who you are and you so deserve to be taken down a peg or two!”
Terry’s guard was down. “Let’s finish this champagne and get back to my hotel. Are you up for that?” he said.
“Thought you would never ask” said Vixen smiling. Away they went. Smuggled back in the car, back to the hotel room. 
He thought. “All good. Bet she’ll be fantastic in bed. I will give my minder a call and get rid of her first thing in the morning”
She thought “oh poor dumb Terry. Your world is about to collapse, you arrogant, stupid simpleton – you really have had this coming!”
Vixen pushed Terry onto his hotel bed “I’m a bit kinky”, she said. Vixen reached into her bag and in a flash she pulled out the handcuffs she took with her everywhere. She cuffed both his hands to the bed and the power struggle was over. 
He thought “I’ve got a naughty one here.”
She thought “Oh my, you still haven’t realised what’s going on have you?”
Vixen had thought that he would be much more of a challenge but so be it. 
She took off her knickers, pulled some cord from her bag and gagged Terry.  “Ah so the penny has dropped now has it?” Vixen mocked. 
Terry thought “Where’s my phone. Got to ring my minder and get this bitch out of here”
Vixen thought ” I will get my phone. I am about to go live streaming on my subscription channel tonight. I think I might get record figures and I will be worth more than poor Terry by the end of the night!”
Vixen started her live feed. Mistress was very popular and there were a couple of hundred slaves who had already paid that evening. “Loyal followers, please retweet this image” laughed Vixen. Mistress had applied full make up, somewhat smudged as he struggled, to the captive footballer. He wore a blonde wig and she had managed to put her clothes on him. 
She tweeted that photo with the caption. “Change the y to an I. Tonight Terry becomes Terri”
The stream went live. The British press joined, BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky News all decided to halt programming and broadcast it. 
Mistress had fun. In the course of the next 60 minutes, Terri had been suffocated by Vixen’s divine bottom, had sucked and had been violated by her strap on (her handbag really did contain everything a girl could ever need 😁). 
He had been in such agony that he had readily agreed to suck her heels, worship her legs and perfect bottom. He had said “I am Mistress Vixen’s slutty sissy boy” on camera. All career ending material for the image of the red blooded alpha male. 
The hour was up. Mistress looked at her feed. She was amazed that her site hadn’t crashed. The subscribers were in the Millions. There had been a transfer of power and wealth that evening – and not before time. 
She thought “not a bad evenings work. The stupidity and arrogance of the male species never fails to amaze me.”
He thought “I’m screwed in more ways than one …. help!!!! “