Guardian Of The Galaxy

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Once upon a time there was a beautiful blonde girl who grew up on the planet Anuska, light years away from Earth. The girl became Empress Vixen the Merciless and together with her partner in crime, the Sadistic Princess, they ruled their planet with an iron fist and a sharp stiletto heel. 
Vixen’s title was well earned. If a lowly male committed any misdemeanours then no mercy was ever shown. The Empress’s zero tolerance policy brought about a life of luxury for all females but Vixen was getting bored 
Her planet was far more technologically advanced than Earth given that females ran the scientific labs using any unfortunate recalcitrant males as guinea pigs. 
Space travel was safe and rapid. News had reached Vixen about a planet where blustering males were leading powerful countries and showing absolutely no respect for females. 
“Time for some fun” thought the drop dead gorgeous Empress. “I am going to right some wrongs”.
The planet Vixen had heard about was Earth. Vixen was an accomplished space pilot amongst many other things and very soon she had landed on our planet. 
Things were much worse than she had thought. As she strode towards the leaders palace, males stared and shouted obscenities at her. Vixen was wearing her long blonde hair down. She wore the briefest of black shiny mini skirts with a leather halter neck top. Vixen’s huge perfect boobs spilled out of that top. The fishnet stockings, long black boots and elbow length black gloves added to the effect of the perfect female. 
Vixen ignored the sexist shouts. She thought “I may just destroy your whole freakin’ planet”. But that would be too easy for these illiterate uneducated low lives. Vixen smiled. 
Now she was at the palace. There were 6 security guards at the entrance. They were heavily armed but Vixen looked at their weapons with contempt. “Poor hardware” thought Vixen. Plus the guards were all male and thus stupid and easy to distract. “Easy peasy” thought Vixen. 
“Silly me, I have dropped my earring” said Vixen as she approached the guards. She bent down pretending to look for the fallen item. In doing so, Vixen afforded the hapless guards an unforgettable view of her well stacked cleavage. They all leered as one. It would be the last thing they would ever see as in a flash, Vixen sprung up. Vixen’s whip coiled around all 6. Her free gloved hand contained a metal gauntlet and she rapidly punched the two males closest to her, incapacitating them. In fact the force Vixen used nearly severed their heads from their wretched necks. The other four only stayed conscious a moment longer. Vixen was an expert in martial arts and the kicks she delivered with those long perfect pins and the stiletto heels had the desired effect. 
Vixen adjusted her outfit, smiled for the cc camera. “How deadly gorgeous I look” she thought to herself. She then strode into the palace. 
The technology on Planet Anuska really was light years ahead of Earth. The primitive alarm systems and locks were simply deactivated with a tap on the Empress’s watch. 
Vixen quickly discovered where the male leader was hiding. He was in the “Panic Room” in the cellar. He was alone protected by the best technology Earth could offer. 
It took precisely 3 seconds for Vixen to break through that supposedly secure system. The Empress strode through the doors with the sound of those incredible heels echoing on the stone floor. 
Now the leader had been a combat soldier in his time. He had risen through the ranks of the male dominated army. He could handle himself. He wasn’t afraid of a woman! He gazed at this blonde bimbo, who looked like she had dressed herself out of a fantasy comic. “Watch out, lady. I am gonna send your pretty little ass back to Comic-Con” he shouted lurching forward at him. 
Vixen liked a challenge but this was certainly not one! The leader was so slow, so old, so pathetically male! It felt like she had so much time to raise her gloved hand and simply push it into his fat podgy gammon face! He fell back onto the floor. Vixen stood over him, legs astride! “Are you looking up my skirt? You geriatric pervert”. The leader stammered, stuttered and his face reddened even more. 
He was looking up at those fishnet stockings. They were a ladder to heaven but he knew that he was heading for hell. 
“Aw you poor thing” the Empress said sarcastically. “Are you sweating? Are you a thirsty boy then?” She mocked. 
The leader dared not look up but he sensed Vixen moving her minuscule knickers to one side and then he felt the invigorating warmth of a stream of her golden nectar forcing itself through his pursed lips and into his aching body. 
“Enjoy your last drink” laughed Vixen. The leader tried one last time to escape. He grabbed hold of Vixen’s ankles and attempted to unbalance her. It only succeeded in ripping Vixen’s fishnets. The Empress was enraged. 
“You pathetic worm. How dare you touch a superior woman” Vixen shouted. Those sharp deadly heels had a job to do. Vorsprung durch Technik ………