Myself and Dave (British Leather Girls) worked together to create some portraits of Mistress Vixen. I set the studio up at my place and let Dave loose with the camera. He took these photos of Mistress Vixen in front of the green screen and then I added some backgrounds. Cally has written a few articles to go with them.

Vixen was a new breed of secret agent. The tired old male sexist approach had been consigned to history. The male “Double 0’s” had been replaced by the female “Double D’s”. Vixen was the supreme agent. Top of her profession. Think Jodie Comer as Villanelle and multiply that sadistic power and beauty by a thousand. That gives you an idea of the level that Vixen had attained. 
There were a few OO’s remaining and Vixen had tracked one of the last ones down. Easy enough. She had posted a pic online of her in a leather outfit and the OO had fallen into her honeytrap. 
Once upon a time there was a beautiful blonde girl who grew up on the planet Anuska, light years away from Earth. The girl became Empress Vixen the Merciless and together with her partner in crime, the Sadistic Princess, they ruled their planet with an iron fist and a sharp stiletto heel. 
Vixen’s title was well earned. If a lowly male committed any misdemeanours then no mercy was ever shown. The Empress’s zero tolerance policy brought about a life of luxury for all females but Vixen was getting bored 
Her planet was far more technologically advanced than Earth given that females ran the scientific labs using any unfortunate recalcitrant males as guinea pigs. 
Space travel was safe and rapid. News had reached Vixen about a planet where blustering males were leading powerful countries and showing absolutely no respect for females. 
“Time for some fun” thought the drop dead gorgeous Empress. “I am going to right some wrongs”.
The planet Vixen had heard about was Earth. Vixen was an accomplished space pilot amongst many other things and very soon she had landed on our planet.