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  • I will work with a model to produce your custom clip request. The actual amount of resulting clip time will depend on several factors. For example if you are very particular about dialogue, angles and expressions, this will require longer setup times, retakes etc. The more detail required will effect the time as you will appreciate. You should expect around 20-30 minutes of finished clip time (more if dual cameras used). For simple scenes which do not require a lot of specific angle, expression and dialogue, then you can expect longer.
  • Price includes everything ‘at hand’. In other words, the outfits and resources available. Should you require anything else, you will need to provide it. For example a specific pair of shoes which the model does not have.
  • Models will act in accordance to their own levels. For example you cannot request smoking scenes from a model who does not smoke. And if you require topless (or more), again this depends on the levels. In many cases the model will require extra payment, therefore giving you the option

Here are a few of the ladies that I am working with – I will add more to this list in due course 🙂

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NOTE: To have an account you must be a customer. As soon as you order your first clip you will receive your own account with unique card number.

When logged in you will be directed to your orders/downloads page.
Here you can see a full listing of your order history and download your clips. As this will be permanently stored you will be able to download them again should you lose your originals for whatever reason.

Click on the MV Card link on the top menu. On this page you can see your account details including unique card number and balance. To place a custom clip order select your option from the CUSTOMS dropdown box.

The View Information link will give you more details of the custom order.

After you have paid for your custom clip order, a box will appear, allowing you to write your script for the shoot in as much detail as possible. You may also use this area to request any additional help with your shoot requirements.


Please be aware about obvious limitations regarding your script requirements. For example, keep in mind that models do not necessarily possess every outfit styles that you may desire, so you may have to compromise or offer to supply specific items.

Models may also request extra payment for specific styles of work outside of their standard levels. Any such considerations may be negotiated. It is easy to add any additional payment via your account.